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Method #2: Share Internet Connection Between Two Computers Using Ethernet Crossover Cable. If you use Ethernet crossover cable to share files between two computers, then you can also share the internet connection of computer to another. It will help you to back up files of the PC that have no internet … HP and Compaq PCs - Internet Connection Sharing (Windows (Another computer on the local network cannot have the same last number.) Set the subnet mask to Set the default gateway to the same address as the host computer; Set the Preferred DNS server to, since the host computer will act as the DNS server for the rest of the computers on the network. How to Share Your Mac’s Screen with Another Mac Dec 30, 2019 How to Share WiFi over Ethernet on Your PC or Laptop May 09, 2018

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Mar 15, 2019 How to Connect Two Computers on Lan with Ethernet Cable

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Once you’ve connected the host computer to the one that needs Internet, it’s a quick seven-step process. Launch System Preferences. Select the Sharing pane. Click Internet Sharing in the left pane. Click the drop-down menu beside Share your Internet connection from and select Wi-Fi. Access another computer with Chrome Remote Desktop When that person enters your access code on the site, you will see a dialog with their e-mail address. Select Share to allow them full access to your computer. To end a sharing session, click Stop Sharing. The access code will only work one time. If you are sharing your computer, you will be asked to confirm that you want to continue to share How to Share Your iPhone's Internet Connection with Other