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Check a DNS record. To check a specific DNS record, you need to specify the nslookup command, an optional record type (for example, A, MX, or TXT), and the host name that you want to check. Note: If you omit the record type, it defaults to A. The following example shows how to … It's 2017 and someone's probably still using WINS naming Jun 15, 2017 How to Choose the Best (and Fastest) Alternative DNS Server Jan 02, 2020 WINS or Other Non-DNS Environment WINS or Other Non-DNS Environment. If your network does not have DNS lookup or another name resolution facility, the CommServe manager will provide the names and IP addresses of all members in the CommCell group. The fully qualified computer name and IP address of the CommServe computer are stored in the hosts file of each CommCell client.

What is difference between a WINS server and a DNS server?

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Dynamic Name Resolution Services (DNS) and (WINS

WINS lookup allows these "DNS-only" clients to resolve the names of "WINS-only" clients, by advising the DNS server to submit unresolved queries to WINS servers. WINS Lookup overview WINS lookup is enabled for the zones that contain WINS or WINSR records at the root of the zones. Using WINS Lookup, a DNS server can resolve A and PTR type Service Station: DNS, DHCP, and WINS -- Redmondmag.com