Cisco NAC Agent After you log in to VPN, the Cisco NAC Agent window will display. Choose Continue to finalize your connection to the Partners network: Log off VPN Right-click the VPN icon in your task bar notification area, and then select Quit: HELP DESK BWH 617-732-5927 BWH-RICS 617-525-0848 DFCI 617-632-3399 FALK 617-983-7454

What Is Network Access Control (NAC)? - Cisco Why is it important to have a NAC solution? With organizations now having to account for exponential growth of mobile devices accessing their networks and the security risks they bring, it is critical to have the tools that provide the visibility, access control, and compliance capabilities that are required to strengthen your network security infrastructure. What is Network Access Control (NAC) on my Barracuda SSL VPN? Solution #00004498 Scope: This solution applies to all Barracuda SSL VPNs. Answer: Network Access Control (NAC) allows administrators to control whether users are able to login to the SSL VPN depending on a number of parameters such as Anti-Virus software, Operating System, Java version, etc. If a user does not meet the specified requirements then they are blocked from logging in. Network Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) Solution Data Sheet Jan 02, 2014 Network Access Control | NAC | Pulse Secure

Dec 10, 2016

NAC -- Strengthening your SSL VPN Many SSL VPN vendors have either announced support for NAC architectures or participate in one or more NAC initiatives. For example, Cisco, Microsoft (Whale), and Juniper sell SSL VPN appliances Zero-Trust Cloud NAC Enables Secure Remote Access Mar 10, 2020

ClearPass for Network Access Control & Policy Management

Enable NAC in the VPN profile. For the VPN partners that support device ID, the VPN client, such as Citrix SSO, can get the ID. Then, it can query Intune to confirm the device is enrolled, and if the VPN profile is compliant or not compliant. To remove this setting, recreate the profile, and don't select I agree. Then, reassign the profile. Barracuda Network Access Client | Barracuda Campus The Barracuda Network Access and VPN clients provide an effective and cost efficient end-user integrity solution that combines administered remote endpoint security with a network access control (NAC) framework without the need to implement major changes to your existing network infrastructure. The Barracuda Network Access Client integrates with the Access Control Service of the Barracuda