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SYN flood attacks work by exploiting the handshake process of a TCP connection. Under normal conditions, TCP connection exhibits three distinct processes in order to make a connection. First, the client sends a SYN packet to the server in order to initiate the … What is flooding? - Definition from flooding: In a network , flooding is the forwarding by a router of a packet from any node to every other node attached to the router except the node from which the packet arrived. Flooding is a way to distribute routing information updates quickly to every node in a large network. It is also sometimes used in multicast packets (from one source Enabling PacketShield for Packet Flood Protection The packet comes in through a physical network interface. It crosses the interface itself and the driver delivers it to the PacketShield instance associated to this interface. Based on the destination IP address or destination IP + VLAN tag, a context and associated rules are applied. Synchronize Packet Flood dictionary definition Synchronize Packet Flood definition: A type of Denial of Service (DoS) attack. When a session is started between the Transport Control Protocol (TCP) client and the network server, a tiny buffer space exists to deal with the fast “hand-shaking” exchange of messages

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Single or multiple device packet flood - Denotes that an AP has detected that single or multiple client(s) have attempted to flood the wireless environment with a type of packet. These message can indicate a malicious attack or temporary, client-based misbehavior. Flooding vs Broadcast - Cisco Community

A SYN Flood Protection mode is the level of protection that you can select to defend against half-opened TCP sessions and high-frequency SYN packet transmissions. This feature enables you to set three different levels of SYN Flood Protection:

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