Instructions for Hooking Up the Internet Through a Router. A router allows you to connect more than one computer to the Internet. Routers generally work with high-speed or broadband Internet. The Internet must be supplied by an Internet Service Provider. Examples of … How to set up a wireless router | PCWorld Jun 15, 2017 How to use your own modem and router with Comcast Oct 11, 2017 How to Hook Up a Router for a Wireless Connection | Synonym A wireless router connects to a modem via an Ethernet cable, which is designed to transfer data packets from one device to another. The router uses radio waves to transmit these packets to and from

Jul 06, 2015

If you want internet access, there has to be a modem somewhere. If you happen to live in some place that provides free wifi, then you may just connect the wan port to the ethernet jack in your wall to separate your own lan from any other residents I think this needs a bit of clarification; by without a cable modem, do you mean that you'll want to have a wireless router with no access to internet, or that your internet hookup will be something different, e.g. xDSL line, mobile connection or Hi, Thanks for any help. I just attempted to hook up a netgear router to my desk top PC to give my wireless laptop access to the internet.. While doing this I discovered there is No place on the back of the computer to run an Ethernet cable to the router. My computer is a 8200 and is about 4 y How To: Set up a third party WiFi router WiFi routers enable you to connect devices like your laptop, tablet, and phone to the Internet wirelessly. Your Shaw modem acts as a router for your home, but if you would prefer to use your own third party router, you can.

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How Do I Set Up My Wifi Extender With a New Router? If you previously set up your extender to connect to your router’s 2.4GHz network, and your aunt—for whatever reason—is only using 5GHz on her router, this pairing won’t work. How to hook up my Netgear router without a modem - Quora Apr 05, 2018