It's not allowed from Microsoft to authorise other Apps to access OneDrive for Business via OAuth and that's why you can't use KeePass2Android for that. No, other Apps can use Onedrive for Business via OAuth. For example, X-plore for Android works.

LastPass vs. KeePass (Head-to-Head Comparison 2020) Jan 25, 2020 GitHub - PhilippC/keepass2android: Password manager app The password database file can be synchronized across different devices. This works best using one of the built-in cloud storage options, but can also be performed with third-party apps. Keepass2Android is compatible with Keepass 1 and Keepass 2 on Windows and KeepassX on Linux. Where to get it? KeePass / Discussion / Help: How can I use Keepass2 on my Feb 11, 2015 KeePass Review - Secure Password Manager | Tom's Guide

Dec 03, 2013

Which app to use, Keepass2Android or KeepassDroid : KeePass First of all: there is no official app. Any app you find is a 3rd-party port. But I'll second the recommendation for KeePass2Android. The main reason is three specific features: merge option on save rather than blind overwrite, keyboard integration to avoid the clipboard, and quick unlock feature (after database is already open) using partial password (or fingerprint if your phone offers it).

There are also many many apps for keepass and it may be confusing on which one to use. For that, the official version is one may also be confused with whether to use version 1.x or 2.x however if you look closely, many keepass ports support keepass 2.x.

8 Best KeePass apps for iOS: An overview. Finding a good KeePass app for your iPhone or iPad can be challenging. Some apps are no longer maintained, others lack necessary features. This article will give you an overview of the current options. KeePassium. KeePassium features a clean well-polished interface and makes KeePass easy to use. Keepass and Android. : KeePass