This CSR file is shipped off to the CA for certificate signing. The CA adds all the remaining stuff and bakes it into a signed certificate that the end user needs. However, the end user needs to combine that cert with their private key - in ISE, this process is when you 'bind' the cert to the CSR.

Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Apache May 02, 2018 Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) in CentOS The .csr file is your certificate signing request, and can be sent to a Certificate Authority. You can inspect the contents of the CSR by using the “cat” command. Here is an example of the CSR generated in this walk through: cat mydomain.csr File extension CSR - Simple tips how to open the CSR file.

OpenSSL creates both your private key and your certificate signing request, and saves them to two files: your_common_name.key, and your_common_name.csr. You can then copy the contents of the CSR file and paste it into the CSR text box in our order form. What kind of certificate should I buy?

-out MYCSR.csr specifies where to save the CSR file. With these last two items, remember to use your own paths and filenames for the private key and CSR, not the placeholders. After typing the command, press enter. You will be presented with a series of prompts:

Where can I find the current CSR of my certificate?

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