Secure Swiss business email hosting: A Swiss-based secure email is a business email hosting provider with anti-spam and virus protection, business webmail and IMAP(POP3) access for personal and business email.

5 or more email addresses Create your professional email addresses in Switzerland with the domain of your choice. Store data online. kDrive Synchronise, share and work on your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents online. Swiss Backup Back up your PC, Mac, servers and mobile devices on a secure cloud. Hostpoint | The best web hosting from Switzerland A Swiss provider right near you: We offer the best advice and expert support – in your language and all inclusive. Our support team offers clear instructions and goes the extra mile for you. Comprehensive Free support via telephone and e-mail; E-mail support 365 days a year Telephone support Mon to … Gmail, Inbox, Outlook + 20 more email service providers Zoho Mail. Zoho mail is an email service used for managing multiple domains. This system is … The Most Secure Email Providers. Updated in 2020

Reporters investigating Russian military intelligence have been targeted by highly sophisticated cyber attacks through their encrypted email accounts, with evidence suggesting Moscow was responsible, the email service provider ProtonMail and journalists said on Saturday.

Tutanota is even unique in the fact that you can send end-to-end encrypted emails to any email provider via a shared password, making the email just as private even when contacting friends, family and business partners using mainstream providers like Gmail.

If you are looking for a secure email provider in 2019, then ProtonMail might be the best pick for you. ProtonMail is not much popular, but its one of the secure email provider which you can trust. The best features of ProtonMail includes an end to end encryption, zero access to user data, hardware-level security, etc.

Switzerland won’t save you, either: Why e-mail might still Following my October 2013 article, the head of Swiss e-mail provider MyKolab got in touch, both e-mailing me and leaving a comment on the story. Among other things, CEO Georg Greve wrote: Swismail - Secure Free Email SwissMail is hosted in Switzerland and right to privacy is guaranteed in article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution. Private Email. SwissMail is private secure mail,as only you will have access to your account/content. We don't track your location or don't sell your data unlike other email providers as all the data is encrypted Europe-Central : International Email : Free Email This provider aims to give you an email address where your last name is also your domain name, such as, etc. Available in English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Norwegian and Swedish. Youpy: Web-Based: Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian & German as well as specific sites for the UK, USA and Switzerland. Professional Web & E-Mail Hosting with the best Swiss