How to send an Email in Laravel using Gmail SMTP Server

Dec 05, 2019 Configure Postfix to Use Gmail SMTP on Ubuntu 20.04 Welcome to our tutorial on how to configure Postfix to use Gmail SMTP on Ubuntu 20.04 to relay mails. Postfix is a free and open-source mail transfer agent that routes and delivers electronic mail. Postfix MTA can be configured to relay mails through an external SMTP servers such as Gmail SMTP server for a reliable mail delivery. How to Set Up SMTP Using the WP Mail SMTP Plugin Jun 29, 2018

Jun 17, 2020

Jul 22, 2020

There is nothing wrong with using a free account when you want to use a Gmail SMTP server. However, using the GSuite from Google adds a great deal of functionality. For instance, you can get custom email, 30GB of storage, spam protection, integrated video meetings and more for a low price.

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